JCM Industrial Installation Instructions Manual.pdf

Installation Instructions Models 101 and 102 Universal Clamp Couplings

Read instructions before starting installation* Review of “Tricks of the Trade” on the reverse will assist with installation. For purposes other than water, contact JCM Industries for application and product assistance.

1. Clean and scrape pipe. Remove any scale, pipe wrap, debris or dirt that may interfere with the complete sealing of the gasket. Inspect pipe for integrity, size, outside diameter and surface irregularities. Con fi rm the proper size and range of repair clamp. Inspect fi tting to ensure all parts are included. 2. Lubricate the pipe and the fi tting gasket with soapy water. Do not use oil base pipe lubricant. Loosen nuts of bolts and back nuts to the end of the bolt (complete removal of bolts is not necessary). Release oval necked bolts from lug ears and open the clamp. 3. For Model 101 - Place clamp on pipe and center over damaged area. Tuck tapered gasket in place; mesh fi nger lugs and rotate clamp in direction of arrow to smooth tapered gasket fl ap. Position bolting lug for easy access to continued bolt tightening. Engage bolts in receiver lugs and fi nger tighten to hold in place. Begin bolt tightening sequence. See step 4. For 102 Multi Band Clamps - with multi lug segments. One section has “closed ears” (A) and “open ears” (B) for bolt engagement. Locate lug segment with open “ear” to loosen bolts. Loosen bolts of other lug segments. Do not remove bolts.

Open clamp at open ear lug segment and place clamp on pipe so that gasket fl ap is on top is facing you. Bring back half of clamp around pipe. Feed tapered gasket end into place, mesh top lug fi ngers into “open ears” and engage bolts. Rotate clamp in direction of arrow to smooth tapered gasket fl aps. Finger tighten bolts to hold in place. Begin tightening bolts to proper torque values. Continue around pipe at each lug segment. Avoid tightening lugs to metal bound at any one segment - gaps between lugs should be approximately even on both sides. Continue bolting sequence to proper torque values below. 4. Tighten all bolts evenly to the following torque values:

5/8” Bolts to 70 Foot Pounds 3/4” Bolts to 90 Foot Pounds 5. Complete installation of fi tting, return after approximately 15 minutes and con fi rm minimum bolt torque levels have been maintained. Ensure proper torque level with a calibrated torque wrench. Thin wall, small diameter & fl exible types of pipe are subject to many variables which a ff ect torque values. Use discretion when tightening fi ttings on thin wall, small diameter & fl exible pipe in order to not crush or severely deform the pipe. This product does not prevent pipe movement or provide restraint. Take steps to prevent pipe pullout. *Ensure fi tting is suitable for application (con fi rm size, materials, pressure ratings, line content, meets local governing & association standards, etc.). Pipeline operation forces, including pressure fl uctuations, thermal expansion/contraction, movement/shifting, etc. will in fl uence the success of the application. Proper anchorage, restraint, harnessing, thrust blocks or other devices must be provided to prevent pipe movement (lateral, angular, axial) or pipe pullout from the bolt-on fi tting. Inspection of the pipe integrity is the responsibility of the end user. JCM recommends the use of calibrated torque wrench. Failure to follow installation instructions will result in voided product warranty.

For application review or questions contact JCM Industries at 1-800-527-8482, 903-832-2581 www.jcmindustries.com


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