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Installation Instructions Model 303, 304 Model 362, 4362, 6 3 62 Fabricated Flanged Coupling Adapters

Read instructions before starting installation* Review of “Tricks of the Trade” on the reverse will assist with installation. For purposes other than water, contact JCM Industries for application and product assistance. NOTE: Maximum 90PSI working pressure on gas service applications. For higher pressure ratings, contact JCM Industries Engineered and Technical Sales. 1. Clean and scrape pipe. Remove any scale, pipe wrap, debris or dirt that may interfere with the complete sealing of the gasket. Inspect pipe for integrity, size, outside diameter and surface irregularities. Confirm the proper size and range of coupling and flange bolt pattern. Inspect fitting to ensure all parts are included. For fittings furnished with stainless steel hardware, see reverse for fastener management. Lubricate the pipe and the fitting gasket with soapy water. Do not use oil base pipe lubricant. 2. (*For FCA’s furnished with additional gaskets and/or backup rings, see note.) Install follower ring, gasket and flanged adapter body onto the plain end of pipe. NOTE: Flat side of the gasket face meets the follower ring, the tapered side inserts into the adapter body. Insert the valve bolts into the flanged adapter body facing toward the valve or flanged fitting end. Insert the flanged coupling adapter bolts to make up the coupling side. Loosely make up the FCA on the pipe end making certain the pipe extends past the gasket a minimum of one and one-half inch (1-1/2”) (38mm) after deflection has occurred. Mark pipe to make certain FCA does not slide during tightening. 3. Align bolt holes of the adapter and connecting flange and loosely make up flange connection. Tighten flange bolts and nuts, alternating bolts in a star pattern.

Recommended Torque: 5/8” Bolts

75 Foot Pounds 90 Foot Pounds

3/4” Bolts

4. Lift the flanged body to insure that the gasket is evenly centered in the end. Tighten flange coupling adapter bolts to make up the coupling side, alternating from side to side drawing the follower flange in evenly until all bolts have been tightened to 50 - 60 Foot Pounds. Check torque of bolts prior to completion. 5. *Optional Custom FCA provided with multiple thickness gaskets and/or backup rings to accommodate unknown pipe diameters. Custom backup rings are implemented when the transition of the standard coupling I.D. is greater than 1/2” (accomplished through thicker gaskets). Thicker gaskets require additional wall coverage to properly compress the gasket into the flared end. This coverage is provided by the backup ring. (A) Determine the correct thickness of gasket for installation. Should gasket require cutting or trimming, cut gasket end to the same bias/diagonal cut to meet up to the opposite end. (B) See diagram on reverse. As in step three (3), install the follower ring on the pipe. Then install the special backup ring (between the FCA bolt follower ring and the gasket). The backup ring provides additional bearing surface area to the gasket wall and aids in gasket compression. Install the gasket & flanged adapter body and continue with standard installation from step three (3).

Confirm bolt torque and pressure test prior to backfilling.

*Ensure fitting is suitable for application (confirm size, materials, pressure ratings, line content, meets local governing & association standards, etc.). Pipeline operation forces, including pressure fluctuations, thermal expansion/contraction, movement/shifting, etc. will influence the success of the application. Proper anchorage, restraint, harnessing, thrust blocks or other devices must be provided to prevent pipe movement (lateral, angular, axial) or pipe pullout from the bolt-on fitting. Inspection of the pipe integrity is the responsibility of the end user. JCM recommends the use of calibrated torque wrench. Failure to follow installation instructions will result in voided product warranty. INT300FCA-022022 For application review or questions contact JCM Industries at 1-800-527-8482, 903-832-2581

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