JCM Industrial Fitting Typical Specifications 01 12 2024

Product Specification

JCM 143 Fabricated Bell Joint Leak Clamp – sizes 14” – 36” Ductile Iron, Cast Iron, C-905 PVC

Bell Joint Leak Clamps sizes 14” and larger shall provide a dependable repair of leaking joints by means of packing a bevel cut gasket against the bell or joint face. Clamp shall consist of segmented bolt on rings designed to compress the gasket into the face of the bell end. Clamp ring segments will transfer bolt torque energy to gasket compression through the tightening of bolts, drawing the segments towards each other. Clamp segments shall be fabricated of high strength steel per ASTM C 285, A36 or equal. Clamp will be provided with hardware for installation.

This typical specification, provided by JCM Industries, is a proposed guideline for use by specifying agencies to ensure significant design and material features of this product are included within the agencies’ individual specifications.


Effective 04.25.14

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