JCM Industrial Fitting Typical Specifications 01 12 2024

Product Specification

JCM 402 Double Strap Service Saddle

Service saddles for pipe sizes 2" through 12" shall have a wrap around design with ductile iron body coated with a shop primer, a broad pressure activated gasket molded of virgin rubber and two corrosion resistant, forged AISI C-1018 steel straps, zinc plated with dichromate seal. The gasket shall be permanently bonded into a cavity in the saddle body, which provides internal as well as external gasket retention. Service saddle for pipe sizes 14" through 24" shall have two 2-1/2" wide fabricated steel straps, coated for corrosion resistance, in lieu of the forged steel straps to provide increased stability on service connections, increased corrosion resistance and increased strength for added safety factor on larger sizes of pipe.

JCM 402 Service Saddle Outlet Sizes 1-1/4 ” – 2- 1/2”

JCM 402 Service Saddle Outlet Sizes 3/4” – 1”

This typical specification, provided by JCM Industries, is a proposed guideline for use by specifying agencies to ensure significant design and material features of this product are included within the agencies ’ individual specifications.


Effective 04.25.14

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