JCM Industrial Fitting Typical Specifications 01 12 2024

Material Specification

JCM 408 Coated Service Saddle - Double Electro Galvanized Steel Straps

JCM Coated Saddles are constructed of ductile iron with a high density fusion plastic coating and have two electro galvanized steel straps, nuts and washers for high corrosion resistance.

Body Casting:

Wrap around design of Ductile Iron, ASTM A-536 annealed to 60-40-18. Body has a gasket cavity, which provides internal as well as external gasket retention.


Nitrile Butadiene Rubber (NBR, Buna-N) per ASTM D2000. Molded virgin rubber with a pressure activated hydromechanical design. Gasket is bonded into a cavity for internal and external retention. Gasket temperature range -40 o F to 212 o F (-40 o C – 100 o C) Gasket suitable for water, salt solutions, mild acids, bases, and sewage.


EPDM gasket available.


Nominal sizes 2" through 12" have corrosion resistant, forged AISI C-1018 steel straps, zinc plated with dichromate seal. Nominal sizes 14" through 24" have two (2) 2-1/2" wide fabricated steel straps for additional stability and strength coated for corrosion resistance. Casting is coated with fusion bonded high density blue plastic, 12 mils minimum thickness, with a dielectric strength of over 12,000 volts. Water absorption less than .20% (less than nylon) prevents undercutting and blistering.


Pressure Rating:

Working pressure is 250 PSI hydrostatic. Contact factory if higher working pressure is required.


See catalog.

Information provided based on current data available. Contact JCM Industries Technical Services for modifications or changes.


Effective 04.25.14

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