JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM 118 Large Diameter and Non-Standard Contour Pipe Fabricated Repair Sleeve

The JCM 118 Repair Sleeve repairs pipe in systems which require high working pressure capability. Engineered specifically for the internal pressure forces involved with large diameter pipe and its working characteristics. The JCM 118 Sleeve is available in pipe sizes up through 120” and larger and provides several design options for the specific application.

Minimal Pipe Excavation - the 118 sleeve requires limited pipe exposure around the damaged area. Full section joint exposure is eliminated. Reinforcement Pipe Wall - strong and lightweight steel directly reinforces the pipe wall on the circumference of the pipe. Heavy Duty Design - large fitting components, spacious bolt holes and heavy hardware combine to make installations in less than ideal environments easy and fast. The 118 especially lends itself for easy underwater and low visibility applications. Maximum Gasket Sealing - heavy duty bolts and material provides high levels of bolt torque which is transferred directly to gasket sealing compression. Higher bolt torques maintain greater working pressures. Low Profile Stance - the hydro-mechanical lip gasket is trapped both internally and externally in a recessed groove that provides a low profile stance on the pipe eliminating the chance of gasket displacement or “blow- out” in high pressure applications. Availability - the JCM 118 Repair Sleeve is available from JCM on both an emergency and a contingency basis. Timely delivery and installation prevents extensive pipe damage, content loss and environmental violations.

Typical Application: Repair Temporary/Permanent Especially Recommended for Large Diameter Pipe High Working Pressures

Splits Holes Punctures Corroded Areas Gouges

JCM 118 Large Diameter Repair Sleeve Offers Application Specific Options JCM 118 is available fabricated of 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel

The JCM 118 Repair Sleeve is recommended for applications on large diameter pipe, high working pressure systems and critical service applications. The 118 provides a variety of fabrication options for consideration such as space limitations, environment and service requirements. These special fabrication options include:

Laying Length Pipe Range

Gasket Coating Body Material Damaged area accommodation Hardware

JCM 118 Repair Sleeve - Available in Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (304-316)


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