JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM Steel Couplings

JCM 201 Steel Bolted Couplings JCM 201 Steel Couplings provide an easy means of joining plain end pipe. These couplings are especially applicable for use on steel, galvanized, PVC and other pipe with standard steel dimensions. Implementing the principle of bolted gasket compression, the JCM 201 Steel couplings are easy to install and eliminates time consuming costly threading, beveling, exact pipe alignment and other downtime preparations. Available in both common and custom sizes with optional coatings, gaskets and hardware combinations. Pipe Sizes 1/2” and larger.

JCM 203 Steel Transition Couplings The JCM 203 Steel Transition Coupling provides a simple means of joining plain end pipe of the same nominal size but different outside diameter dimensions. Available in common sizes for Cast Iron, Ductile Iron, PVC, HDPE and others. Non-standard sizes available upon request. Pipe Sizes 3” and larger

JCM 204 Steel Reducing Couplings The JCM 204 Steel Reducing Coupling is the simplest means of connecting any combination of two sizes or types of pipe. There is practically no limit to the pipe sizes that can be connected - either to reduce or increase in size. Pipe Sizes 4” and larger.

Typical Application: Connection/Repair Temporary/Permanent Join Plain End Pipe Install Repair Section of Pipe Transition or Reduce between two pipe sizes

Applications in which pipe may move out of the coupling, correct anchorage of the pipe must be provided.

For applications on HDPE Pipe, JCM Recommends the use of of the JCM 230/231 Stainless Steel Pipe Stiffener and JCM 600 Series Pipe Restrainers.


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