JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM Engineered Tapping Sleeves

JCM Engineered Tapping Sleeves are designed and built to accommodate the special needs of today’s piping applications. The growing demands made on water, wastewater, industrial and irrigation piping systems, which provide critical and expanded services, put stresses and forces never before experienced on the pipe and its fittings. To eliminate unnecessary and life threatening interruption of services, expansion applications to these systems must take several factors into consideration. These crucial factors include: type of pipe, size of pipe, working pressure, type and size of application. These very important considerations will determine the type of fitting to be utilized to successfully complete the job and maintain the system’s original flow and service rating capacity. Changes in piping materials and service requirements in current systems, require fittings that will accommodate characteristic fluctuations and withstand the growing service demands of the system. JCM Engineered Tapping Sleeves provide the solution for these requirements. Existing service systems, especially large diameter systems, offer special application considerations commonly involving irregular and out-of-round pipe, non-standard pipe diameters and high working pressures. JCM Engineered Tapping Sleeves for large diameter pipe are time and field proven for performance and reliability. Monitoring field applications and requirements enables JCM to provide the most engineering advanced designs for large diameter pipe to the industry. These fittings include: JCM 412 Fabricated Tapping Sleeves - built-in benefits make these heavy fabricated steel sleeves increasingly popular for making larger taps on all types of pipe. By placing the design emphasis on eliminating problems inherent with older pipe and field installations, JCM 412 Tapping Sleeves have taken the complexity out of tapping larger pipe. JCM 452 All Stainless Steel Tapping Sleeves - incorporates the heavy duty design of the fabricated steel tapping sleeve with the corrosion resistance of all stainless steel. This heavy design utilizes a broad cross section, hydromechanical outlet gasket in lieu of the full body gasket. The JCM 452 is engineered for installations requiring higher working pressure, higher safety factor or longer service life than standard all stainless or cast iron sleeves and is manufactured to provide superior corrosion resistance in applications on mains which are not subject to beam breaks. Available in 316 stainless steel. JCM 414 Fabricated Mechanical Joint Tapping Sleeves - combines the high strength and versatility of fabricated steel with the traditional side and end gasketed mechanical joint design. These sleeves are ideal for potential problem installations where strength, weight and beam load considerations are critical. Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel. JCM 415 Tapping Sleeve for Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe - is designed to reinforce the pipe and provide easy installation with maximum safety factor. The 415 provides a separate body and tapping gland. By separating the outlet gland from the sleeve body, the sleeve reinforces the pipe prior to removal of the critical prestress wire from the outlet area. JCM 415 Tapping Sleeves are in accordance with the AWWA M-9 Manual. Available in 304 or 316 stainless steel.


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