JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM 414 Fabricated Mechanical Joint Tapping Sleeve

This tapping sleeve combines the high strength and versatility of fabricated steel with the traditional side and end gasketed mechanical joint design. These sleeves are ideal for potential problem installations where strength, weight and beam load considerations are critical.

High Strength Steel - eliminates stress cracked casting or flange possibility. True Mechanical Joint Design - industrial grade, fabricated steel body and heavyweight pusher glands prevent the warpage and distortion experienced by tapping sleeves using the split steel coupling design. JCM 114 meets design criteria in AWWA C110/ 111, ANSI 21.10/21.11 for tolerances, dimensions and configuration of the time proven mechanical joint seal. Side And End Gaskets - provide complete seal around the pipe. Fabricated Sleeves - provide more strength with significantly reduced weight than a cast sleeve. The lighter sleeve reduces the load on the pipe and aids in installation and handling. AccommodatesNon-StandardPipeCharacteristics - oversize, undersize or irregularities in the pipe O.D. can be accommodated within the fitting increasing performance and safety factor. The JCM 414 is available in larger sizes, non-standard sizes and with many special options (special flanges, special laying lengths, etc.) Improved Availability - fabricated sleeves with non-standard sizes have a delivery schedule of three to five weeks, significantly less than a cast sleeve’s six to nine months.

Typical Application: Branching Permanent Valves Line Branches Internal Line Access Large diameter, size on size taps Taps on Pipe Susceptible to Breakage For application parameters, contact JCM Technical and Engineered Sales 800-527-8482 or 903-832-2581

HOW TO ORDER For pricing and engineering, the following information must be furnished: JCM 414 is available fabricated of 304 stainless steel or 316 stainless steel

Type of pipe Outside diameter of pipe Irregular or non-standard pipe characteristics Line contents and pressure

Outlet Size (14” and larger, furnish manufacturer of valve and cutter size) Coating Special requirements


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