JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM 415 Tapping Sleeve for Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe The JCM 415 Tapping Sleeve for Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe is the standard in the industry for fast safe taps on Concrete Pressure Pipe. Designed to meet the AWWA M-9 Manual, the JCM 415 is the leading sleeve preferred by PCCP tapping contractors. These fabricated tapping sleeves are designed to reinforce the pipe and provide for easy installation with maximum safety factor. There are many unique features as well as options available on these sleeves. Unique to these sleeves are the following Separate Body and Tapping Gland (outlet) - by separating the outlet gland from the sleeve body the sleeve reinforces the pipe prior to removal of the critical prestress wire from the outlet area.

Broad Cross Section Gasket - the 7/8” wide gasket with a hydromechanical lip provides a broad sealing surface which produces an initial seal that increases with increases in line pressure. The broad, flat gasket is very advantageous for sealing on beveled cylinder welds. Gusseted Pressure Plate - the gusseted pressure plate eliminates problems caused by flexing of the cylinder or tapping sleeve pressure plate. This grooved plate is contoured to fit the cylinder and retains the broad profile gasket to provide an extra margin of safety at this critical point. Combination Gland/Draw Flange - the combination gland/draw flange on 4” - 12” outlet sizes facilitates tapping with a 25” travel tapping machine.

Larger outlets utilize separate flanges for each function to make bolt take-up on large flanges more accessible. Load Bearing Set Screws - the JCM 415 Tapping Sleeve is furnished with load bearing set screws on the gland flange that are tightened after the gland is installed. These set screws tighten against the sleeve draw flange, transferring any load on the outlet away from the steel cylinder and onto the sleeve. Grout Seal Assembly - Type I 415 Tapping Sleeve, the standard sleeve, is furnished with straps and a grout seal assembly under the sleeve. These two design features facilitate fitting oversize, undersize and out-of-round pipe by providing the means to pour cement grout into a cavity to make a perfect sleeve fit. This feature is in accordance with AWWA M-9 Manual as recommended by the manufacturers of concrete pressure pipe. Epoxy coated sleeves and sleeves with a solid back sit directly on the pipe, precluding the use of the grout seal assembly. Epoxy Coated Waterway - the tapping sleeve’s waterway is fusion applied epoxy coated to provide a quality connection protected against corrosion in the critical waterway HOW TO ORDER For pricing and engineering, the following information must be furnished: Type of pipe (also manufacturer and class if known) Type of sleeve Outside diameter of pipe and cylinder O.D. Line content and pressure Outlet size (on outlets 14” and larger furnish manufacturer of valve and cutter size) Any special requirements or options.



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