JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM 440 Line Stop Fittings Take a Look!!!

JCM 440 FAMILY OF LINE STOP FITTINGS HAS EXPANDED New Plug Configuration Option - New Numbering System Whatever your application needs, JCM has it! JCM Industries offers the largest selection of sleeve options in the industry - including design, materials and plug configurations. Options include: Plug Configuration - Threaded Plug or Push Plug/Pin Style All stainless steel construction for maximum corrosion resistance Stainless body construction with carbon steel outlets for economical applications Carbon steel construction

Epoxy coated sleeve Epoxy coated bolts

Full circumferential gasket for pipelines susceptible to breaking Outlet seal gasket for large diameter and high pressure ratings

The Number One Choice of Line Stopping Contractors The JCM 440 Line Stop Fitting is a structural fitting, engineered to provide: Heavy Duty Construction - increases reliability and safety factor, eliminating shifting and flexing during the critical plugging process that can cause future complications. Test Plug Outlet - Allows for testing of all seals prior to tapping the pressurized line. This includes the sleeve to pipe seal and the completion plug seal. Adapts To All Popular Line Stopping Machines - JCM 440 Line Stop Fittings will adapt to ANY manufacturer’s plugging equipment, making the JCM 440 versatile and convenient to utilize. Special engineered JCM Line Stop Fittings are available for sizes 14” and larger for various types of pipe. For information, contact JCM Engineered and Technical Sales Team.

Push Plug/Pin Configuration

Threaded Plug Configuration


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