JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

Custom Engineered Fittings Repair - Connection - Branching

Services for custom designed, specialty and emergency fabrication of fittings for the Repair, Connection or Tapping of pipelines is an everyday occurance at JCM. To best serve the end user, the application information included in the data sheet below is critical to ensure the fastest response for quotation and product delivery. Once the application parameters are determined, generic product information can be provided with material specifications for submittal to agencies. Engineered Fitting Data Submittal Sheet Contact Name: ___________________________________________ Contact Number/E-mail: ___________________________________________

Type of Application




Type of Pipe O.D. of Pipe SDR/Wall Thickness (if applicable) Max. Working Pressure Max. Test Pressure Line Content Line Content Temp. Max. Material of Construction Carbon Construction Coating Carbon Construction Hardware Considerable Space Limitations

Carbon Steel

Stainless Steel

304 or 316


Epoxy Coat



Stainless Steel

304 or 316

JCM Industries custom fabricates fittings for all types of unique applications. Fittings ranging from as small as 3” up through tank and bulkhead applications. Additional Information to include for: Repair Type of Repair - break, split, leaking joint, pinhole, etc. Size of Repair - width, length, approximate gap between pipe ends, type/size of leaking joint, joint configuration Connection O.D.s of both pipes to be joined Flange type and size for flanged coupling adapters Restraint requirements Tapping/Branching Size of outlet Type of outlet - flanged, threaded, mechanical joint, beveled for welding, line stop Submit information:

Phone: 800-527-8482 or 903-832-2581 Fax: 800-874-9524 or 903-838-6260 E-mail: sales@jcmindustries.com


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