JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM 607 Weld On Restrainer/Joint Anchor Loops The JCM 607 Fabricated Weld On Restrainer/Joint Anchor Loops are designed to provide permanent restraint for fittings installed in carbon and stainless steel pipelines. The JCM 607 Fabricated Weld On Restrainer/Joint Anchor Loops are available fabricated of carbon steel, 304 or 316 stainless steel and can be custom designed to the specific application. The JCM 607 consists of an appropriate number of anchor loops (dependent upon pipe size) that are permanently field welded directly to the pipeline. JCM 607’s can be installed to provide restraint directly to the fitting (when anchor loops on the fitting are present) or with restraining tie rods that extend across the fitting to the opposite side pipe restraint product (JCM or third party restrainer). Quantity and size of anchor loops tie rods are determined by nominal pipe size, opposite restraint product or by customer provided information. Tie rods provided by JCM is optional. Standard working pressure allowable: 150PSI, for higher working pressures contact JCM Industries Engineered/Technical Sales.

For quotation or ordering, the following information is required:

• Type of Pipe • Nominal Size of Pipe • Outside Diameter of Pipe • Dimensions of fitting to restrain or restrain over • Material of construction • Pressure rating requirements • Number & Size of restraining tie rods

• Mating Third Party Restrainer - manufacturer or bolting pattern/size • Any special coatings, materials or customer required modifications


Carbon Steel per ASTM A36, A516 GR 70 or equal. Optional 304 or 316 Stainless Steel. Bare, clean metal for welding Heavy coat of corrosion resistant shop coat primer which is an excellent base for bitumastic coal tar or similar field coatings.


JCM 607 Weld on Restrainer/Joint Anchor Loop Typical Application: Fitting Restraint for Carbon or Stainless Steel Pipe. Applications in which the pipe may move or pull out of an installed pipeline fitting. Example: 36” Steel Pipe Weld On Restrainer Anchor Loops JCM 607-2000 Welded to Steel Pipe Installed Fitting Flanged Coupling Adapter JCM 303-3600X36R w/607 Loops welded to fitting


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