JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM Engineered Repair Fittings

Today’s pipe systems have specific characteristics that place special demands on emergency repair fittings. Both large and small diameter repairs encounter critical factors to be considered that include type and size of pipe, the type and size of damage to be repaired and the system working pressure. When combined, these factors determine the design of the fitting that will be most suitable for the repair to successfully return the system to its original service rating capacity. As service requirements grow, the full capabilities of the pipeline must not be compromised due to inappropriate repair fittings. The repair fitting design and the system’s original service rating must be equally parallel in performance capabilities. This equality will insure systems ability to function as originally designed. Careful engineering and planning of repair applications to systems and the fittings installed will prevent life threatening situations and unnecessary, unproductive downtime. To eliminate costly down-time and hazardous safety risks, JCM promotes a well planned contingency program for systems which utilize pipelines of non-standard type or maintain crucial services which cannot be shut down. JCM offers several fittings for emergency repair service in these types of systems. JCM 114 Mechanical Joint Repair Sleeve - repairs cast iron bells, split or leaking couplings, leaking flanged joints and welded joints. The fabricated mechanical joint principle accommodates non-standard pipe diameters, out-of-round pipe, limited flat spots and fully encapsulates the problem area. Recommended for applications in which line shut down is impossible. JCM 116 Repair Sleeve For Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe - repairs and reinforces both Prestressed and Pretension Concrete Cylinder Pipe of all sizes. The 116 Repair Sleeve requires only minimal pipe excavation, eliminates excessive concrete coating removal, provides a wide supportive stance, maintains critical pipe integrity and has a high working pressure capability. The standard fitting repairs up through a 12” diameter damaged area. Larger repair size capability available upon request. Available on both emergency and contingency basis. JCM 118 Large Diameter And Non-standard Contour Pipe Repair Sleeve - repairs large pipe in systems which require high working pressure capability. Engineered specifically for internal pressure forces involved with large diameter pipe and applications for unusual pipe contours and their working characteristics. Suitable for punctured and equipment damaged pipe.


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