JCM Engineered Products Manual 8 24 2020

JCM 116 Repair Sleeve for Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe The JCM 116 Repair sleeve provides fast, economical and permanent repairs to Concrete Pressure Pipe. Sealing around the damaged area on the steel cylinder, the JCM 116 prevents the line contents from leaking between the concrete/steel cylinder interface, and eliminates further possible damage caused by corrosion. The adjustable, separate gland seals directly on the steel cylinder over the damaged area requiring removal of the mortar coating only in the repair area. Universal grouting horns are located to accommodate re-grouting of the damaged area at any position on the pipe.

HOW TO ORDER For pricing and engineering, the following information must be furnished:

Type of pipe (also manufacturer and class if known) Diameter of damaged area Outside Diameter of Concrete and Cylinder Line Content and Pressure Any special requirements or options JCM 116 Repair Sleeve for Concrete Pressure Pipe - Typical Specifications JCM 116 Fabricated Repair Sleeves for Concrete Steel Cylinder Pipe shall be able to repair and reinforce damaged concrete steel cylinder pipe without requiring complete stripping of the concrete. The repair sleeves shall have a separate gland which permits installation and reinforcement of the pipe prior to the cutting of the prestress wires. The repair gland shall have a fusion epoxy coated pressure plate and a broad gasket set in a retaining groove of the pressure plate which is gusseted to eliminate flexing. Repair Sleeves shall be JCM 116 Repair Sleeves or approved equal. Repair Sleeves shall be ANSI/NSF Standard 61, Annex G and ANSI/ AWWA 372 Certified. JCM 116 Repair Sleeve For Concrete Pressure Pipe - Material Specifications BODY: Carbon Steel per ASTM A-36, ASTM A-516 Grade 70 or equal. GASKET: Nitrile rubber compounded for use with water, salt solutions, mild acids, bases and sewage. BOLTS: Corrosion resistant, high strength low alloy A242. Optional Stainless Steel, 18-8 Type 304. DRAW HARDWARE: B7 Material COATING: Heavy coat of corrosion resistant shop coat primer on sleeve, gland and straps. Pressure plate of gland is epoxy coated (fusion applied per ANSI/AWWA C-213). Optional epoxy coating on entire sleeve.


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